1. Could Not Be More Pleased

    Our daughter was selective in her speech. Our decision to move her from a school that was play based to the academic structure of Apple Tree was the right decision for our family. We could not be more pleased with her progress. She now speaks clearly in English and is starting to speak simple Spanish words. Her behavior has improved, as well as her overall personality. With the progress she made, …Read More

    Parents of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old
  2. Tremendous

    I saw a tremendous change in my child within two weeks of coming to Apple Tree (at age 3). He started to actually sound out words. Also, he quickly went from counting to twenty to counting up to 50!…Read More

    Heath's Mom
  3. Apple Tree feels like family.

    I’m glad I chose Apple Tree because my (2-year-old) son absolutely loves it! Apple Tree feels like family. My son is learning so much. He is talking more and seems happier. This is a great environment!…Read More

    Ryder’s Mom