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4 Benefits of Preschool

Early childhood education is an opportunity for parents to give their child a head start in life. From building cognitive skills to developing and enhancing motor skills, attending preschool has a wide variety of benefits for children.

Today, we’ll be discussing four benefits of preschool. Read on to learn more, and if you are searching for a quality, educational preschool in Houston, enroll your child in The Apple Tree School today.

1. Prepares Children for a Successful Academic Future

Many times, preschool is a child’s first introduction into a structured classroom environment. Children learn how to wait their turn, pay attention in class, and follow instructions. Preschool also provides an introduction to pre-literacy and pre-math skills, which can give children a head start when it comes time to begin kindergarten. With activities that teach children how to sing their abc’s, count, categorize, and listen to teachers reading stories, they begin to develop the skills necessary to have a successful academic future.

2. Builds Cognitive, Language, and Social Skills

Preschool provides children not only an opportunity to interact with their peers, but also with other adults outside of their household. This can help a child to develop a broader, larger vocabulary, as well as learn how to play with others and share. Children will also begin to develop communication skills, as they will have to ask adults other than their parents for assistance when they need something.

3. Enhances Motor Skill Development

While emphasis is commonly put on the academic development that occurs at preschool, children also continue to develop physically. Creative play is an exercise for both their body and mind. Attending preschool can help children develop their fine and gross motor skills as they play, create, and learn.

4. Children Learn Independence and Responsibility

For many children, preschool may be the first time that they are away from their parents and family. It is a chance for them to learn how they can perform simple tasks on their own and begin to understand that they are a separate person. This may also be the first time a child experiences responsibility for their decisions, which can lead to an understanding of accountability and self-regulation.

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