First Grade at Our Early Education Center

Academic Growth and Personal Development

At The Apple Tree School in Houston, our first grade program ensures a smooth transition for Kindergarten students as they prepare to participate in our math, language, and geography curriculum. Our experienced instructors place equal emphasis on continued character and social development, teaching our students the virtues of honesty, respect, fairness, and integrity. As the premier Christian school in Houston, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Get in touch with us to learn more about the first grade program at our early education center!


In Our First Grade Program, Your Child Will Learn:

  • Basic mathematics – foundational concepts, measurements, conversions, and more
  • Fundamental skills – counting, sorting, using money, and time management
  • Literary skills – forming a sentence, reading, and the parts of speech
  • Vocabulary – gain new words and concepts from classic literature and the Bible
  • Geography concepts – the continents, climate, population, economy, and culture
  • US and world events – states and capitals, presidents, world leaders, and more
  • Values and morals – integrity, fairness, respect, honesty, and spirituality
  • Personal development – social skills, a sense of self, biblical teachings, and more

First Grade

At The Apple Tree School in Houston, children will continue seamlessly from our top-rated Kindergarten program. We continue to focus on character development, such as teaching the basic virtues of honesty, diligence, fairness, and integrity, while maintaining obedience and respect. We also teach children how to behave in society, such as the importance of being on time, telling the truth, completing assignments, and accepting the consequences of their actions. As the top-rated early childhood Christian school in Houston, we offer a first grade curriculum designed to not only challenge your student academically, but also morally and spiritually.




Math is fundamental to the success of your child and teaching overarching mathematical concepts at this level can help your student later on when the mathematical concept is presented in full. Hence, not only will your student here at The Apple Tree in Houston focus on addition and subtraction, but we will also explore geometrical shapes, measurements, and conversions. The fundamental skills of counting, sorting, and comparing is introduced, using money and time as one medium. We utilize a variety of media in all of our teachings in order to ensure all types of learners are reached.

Some mathematical problem solving skills taught include:

  • Place value
  • More and less
  • Comparing values with <, >, and =
  • Simple fractions, such as ½, ⅓, etc
  • Exploring picture graphs
  • Elementary geometry

Language Curriculum

For our language curriculum, we believe in the power of using classic, well-written literature to teach children the basics of how a sentence is formed, the parts of speech, and the like. We use classic literature and Bible stories to lift your child both intellectually and spiritually. By reading, studying, and spelling from classic literature and the Bible, each child’s vocabulary will expand.

Geography and world events are not left out as your child will learn the seven continents, including climate, population, economy, and culture, the US states and capitals, the US presidents, world leaders, and inventors.

The Apple Tree believes students in the First Grade should be exposed to as much information as possible in this classic stage known as the Grammar stage. Our mission is to create happier, healthier, and smarter children by encouraging them to reach for their highest potential, cultivate a sense of self, and have an inner compass that will have them choosing the right path for life. With individualized attention, The Apple Tree in Houston aims to teach your child not only to aim for the stars, but to reach them. Contact us today to learn more!

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