The Apple Tree Welcome Blog

We are very excited to welcome you to the Apple Tree School blog! We take pride in our little Christian private school. Over the past several years we’ve helped children from infants through 12-year-olds get a head start in life. We are one of the most effective private elementary schools in Houston, and with that comes with a wealth of knowledge regarding the world of private schools, Christianity in learning, healthy diets for children, and early childhood education. That is why we are starting our own blog series to help spread the good that comes from a solid education.

Private Elementary Schools

It’s important to realize the incredible potential of children with the right start on life. In our blog series, we will cover the advantages of smaller class sizes, what a child needs to know, tips for encouraging good grades, and more.

Healthy School Lunches

We are firm believers in healthy school lunches and will argue the point indefinitely. We will discuss the catalogued and researched developmental advantages of organic and balanced food at school along with dietary options for children with behavioral issues, and how this can help improve test scores. For the parents of children going to other schools, we will provide tips for how to make organic and healthy lunches affordably and easily.

Morality in School

These days, a strong moral backbone is missing in much of education. At the Apple Tree School we try to instill Christian values into many of our lessons and even delve into the Greek fables of Aesop challenging our children to not only know right from wrong but to think critically while doing so, allowing for a true sense of right and wrong. We will write on how Christian values can fit into education for any student, as well as the importance of a strong community, fun Christian-centered activities for your youth, and much more.

We are excited and want to thank you for following us as we start gearing up for our voyage through early childhood education, the world of private elementary schools, healthy school lunches, Christianity, and more. If you are in the Houston area and are looking for a quality Christian elementary school focused on a strong education and healthy diet, we are your school. To learn more, browse our site or feel free to contact us!