What It Means To Be A Christian Early Childhood Education Center

The Apple Tree School is known as the best Christian early childhood education center in Houston, TX, and it is our values, classroom activities, and an unwavering dedication to your children that sets us apart from other preschools and elementary schools in the area. Each and every one of our experienced staff members is deeply rooted in their faith, and Jesus’ love inspires them in everything they do for their students. From providing individualized attention and building each child up to engaging them in fun, developmentally interactive class activities, here is what it means to be a Christian early childhood education center!

Individualized Attention

Our private school for infants, toddlers, and young children is based on a foundation of self-discovery and learning through the Lord and all of his creations. With this kind of learning style, it is extremely important for us to be able to form trusting relationships with each of our students so that we can best serve them on their journey as they grow in God’s image. For us, this means maintaining small class sizes where we take the time to get to know our students through individualized attention so that they always feel loved and cared for, no matter what challenges life throws their way.

This method of providing personal care and individualized attention for our students instills in them a passion for learning, a strong sense of self-love, and acceptance for those around them. By encouraging each of our students to explore their relationship with God while exercising and improving their developmental skills in the classroom, we are able to provide them with a unique and well-rounded education. When you enroll your child at a Christian school like ours, you can rest assured that they will learn with the individualized attention they need to feel confident in themselves as they grow.


Engaging Classroom Activities

As experienced professionals in early childhood education who practice the word of the Lord, our staff at The Apple Tree School has developed a set of curricula that is equally challenging as it is fun and rewarding. As part of our mission to provide individualized attention for our students, we are proud to offer different programs for each age group that specifically address their developmental stages and milestones. Not only does this ensure that each child is getting the appropriate education, but it is also essential in order for them to truly enjoy and engage with the material.

For our infants, we offer a curriculum that targets their physical, cognitive, and language development so that they can work on refining those skills upon entering toddlerhood. In our program for infants, our teachers read books and sing to the children, in addition to helping them become familiar with numbers, patterns, shapes, and other tangible things in their environment. Our programs for preschoolers and toddlers then expand on this foundation, allowing them to become more comfortable with reading, writing, speaking, singing, dancing, and exercising social skills. It’s all part of our mission to get children engaged in their education early so that they discover a passion for it and are able to naturally succeed in the future.

Our program for kindergartners aims to build on their understanding of words, basic mathematics, geography, the sciences, and other critical pieces of early education through interactive activities. Some of these include reading bible verses and singing with one another, solving math problems as a team, and conducting experiments that spark their curiosity for the sciences. At this stage in your child’s development, we emphasize the importance of working together and appreciating the value of others through each of these activities while still providing the individualized care they need to learn and develop on their own.

By the time your child reaches first and second grade, our teachers get the chance to really help them hone in on on their reading and writing skills, as well as their understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts. This is also an opportunity for us to introduce to them to other valuable aspects of learning that are often overlooked in public schools, such as the values that are held in different cultures, the impacts of presidents and other historical figures, the economy and how to handle money responsibly, and what Bible verses really mean and how they can learn from them in their own lives.

Enroll Your Child At The Apple Tree Private School

Together, these values and practices make The Apple Tree School a one-of-a-kind place for your child to learn, grow, and explore. Each of our teachers is dedicated to working with each of their students both individually and as a group to exercise their skills in a challenging, yet nurturing environment. Teamwork, love, and faith are at the center of what we do, so if The Apple Tree School sounds like the Christian early childhood education center for your child, enroll them today! We look forward to helping your child learn and grow as an individual, with others, and with the Lord.