Why Individualized Attention Matters In Early Childhood Education

Individualized attention has been an on again off again hallmark of western and post-enlightenment education. Here at The Apple Tree School, a Christian school and early education center in Houston, we are huge supporters of smaller classrooms, healthy school lunches, and individualized attention in classroom settings. As public schooling continues to lose funding and shift towards for-profit models, we continue to see larger and larger class sizes, individualized attention slips away. This focus on capacity is damaging to our children and the next generation of Americans.

Helping Recognize Strengths and Weaknesses

Every child is unique. Even from sibling to sibling, strengths and weaknesses vary considerably. When children are put into the same overriding category, children fail to reach their potential in a number of ways. Strengths are only allowed to improve at the rate that everyone else is improving at and weaknesses are glazed over and often ignored or barely considered. As strengths are left unchallenged and unaddressed, a student can become lax in their studies and never truly develop a strong work ethic. Considering the critical importance of a strong work ethic in the modern world, this can be a serious handicap later in life. When weaknesses go unaddressed the child oftentimes stagnates and gets further and further behind.

Individual Expression

One of the greatest strengths of western and American education is that we have historically valued the individual. When this is done well during their early childhood education, individual expression allows a child to find their strengths and weaknesses, and cognitively work with their passions to build enthusiastic and strong sense of direction in life. This advantage of individualized attention in schools is also a key element to creative problem solving and finding niches. In an economy that is rapidly becoming automated by advanced learning programs and robotics, this is one of the best skills you can give your child to succeed in life.

We know that your child is precious to you and that you want to provide the best future possible for them. If you are in the Houston area, our Christian school specializes in a classically-based small classroom setting that provides only the best education, healthy school lunches partially grown on site in our school garden, and is open to children of any background. Contact us today to schedule a tour or for any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!