The students in our private elementary school’s kindergarten program are equipped with the tools and teaching that they need to thrive. At this crucial point in their development, the Apple Tree staff focuses on teaching them how to read at a basic level, as well as more advanced words, so that they are ahead of the curve as they move on to higher grades in school.


Reading vocabulary naturally grows with each new sound learned. Students will take home readers, learn spelling words, addition and subtraction with additional mathematic concepts, how to count and recognize the from numbers 1 to 100, how to tell time and work with money, the seven continents (including climate, population, economy and culture), and further explore the geography of the United States including capitals, presidents, world leaders, and inventors, and Bible verses.

Throughout the school year, we also cover graphing, predicting, problem solving, the beginnings of scientific experimentation, observing changes, self-concepts, comparing/contrasting, following directions, analyzing, cooperation, collecting information, and story writing.

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