The Apple Tree School is proud to be the Top Rated Local® early childhood education center in Houston, TX, with a Christian curriculum led by experienced teachers, a safe learning environment, healthy school lunches, and more. Our goal is to provide students with the best education and learning experience possible, from infancy and preschool through second grade, and our childhood development center has been helping students learn and grow for more than 40 years. We are also pleased to offer extended day enrichment (after-school daycare) and summer school programs, which allow students to learn alongside their peers outside the normal school schedule.

About The Apple Tree School

As a private Christian academy, The Apple Tree School is dedicated to students’ social and cognitive development from an early age, and we aim to set students up for success during such a critical time in their lives. Early childhood development is our focus, as is the development of key skills like cooperation, teamwork, tolerance, empathy, creativity, and hands-on learning. Each of our preschool teachers and elementary school teachers share a passion for helping students learn and develop, both mentally and socially. This is reflected in our Christian school programs, which incorporate faith-driven socialization activities and hands-on work with traditional school curricula, like math, science, reading, writing, and social studies.

Part of what makes The Apple Tree School unique is our approach to learning, which places an emphasis on respect and appreciation for one another in everything we do. From arts and crafts to science experiments, gardening, and reading circles, our teachers lead by example in showing students what it means to love one another. We believe that teamwork is the key to success in life, and we teach students what it means to value others from a young age by providing them with individualized attention while also facilitating fun group activities. Our teachers believe that it is important for students to know that they are valued, so we aim to help them develop a healthy self-image and sense of worth by building them up and encouraging them every single day.

We also believe that true learning happens through hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and other active methods that allow students to use their creative energy in meaningful ways, rather than simply relying on screens and textbooks. At our early childhood education center, students plant seeds and care for their own organic gardens, express themselves artistically through paint and clay, and learn how to effectively communicate with others using respect, empathy, and tolerance. During this stage in your child’s life, they should experience what it means to connect with the Earth and their peers, and our teachers work to ensure that this always happens in a safe, supervised environment.

Interested in learning more about our philosophy at The Apple Tree School, or our teaching methods and practices? Click here to learn more, or continue reading for more information about the curriculum and programs offered at our early childhood education center in Houston!

A Christian Curriculum

Character Development & Storytelling

At The Apple Tree School in Houston, we offer a faith-based curriculum for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first and second graders. Our approach to learning is unique in that the fundamentals of math, science, and other elementary school subjects are integrated with character education and storytelling. For example, students learn the importance of morals through Aesop’s tales (the Greek storyteller), which also allow students to develop critical thinking skills as they learn how to balance logic, reasoning, and emotions. Through Aesop’s tales, Biblical stories, and character education with regard to honesty, loyalty, diligence, and fairness, students learn how to overcome adversity and adapt to life changes in a healthy way. We also hold weekly chapel and read Bible verses together so students can continue to learn and grow with the Lord.

World Geography & U.S. Presidents

Another critical piece of our curriculum is geography, which centers around different cultures, traditions, and languages around the world. At The Apple Tree School, we believe that learning about different cultures is key for growing up successfully in a globalized world, so we aim to teach students how to understand other people and how to use their skills in the big scheme of things to have a positive impact on the world. Through these social studies classes, students learn where different continents and countries are located, as well as their defining characteristics and the traditions of the people.

The social studies program we teach at our private school also delves into bits and pieces of U.S. history (depending on grade level), as students learn about the states, regions (like the 13 colonies), and current and former presidents. Our teachers will help students understand defining events in history, as well as some of the struggles that we as a country have overcome along the way. As a prestigious independent school, we are proud to pass along our pride in U.S. democracy and the progress our country has made, which we believe will help students when they begin navigating early adulthood.

Math & Science Experiments

When it comes to traditional school curricula like math and science, our Christian school teachers believe that a hands-on approach to learning often sparks interest and yields the best results. By combining traditional classroom teachings with group discussions and one-on-one check-ins, we help students understand the basics of adding, subtracting, and multiplication, as well as scientific terminology and experimentation. Created to build interest in future STEM classes and establish a rounded education, our math and science classes are fun, creative, and tap into real-life application.

Reading & Writing

Reading and writing are skills that students develop early on, beginning in preschool and advancing in kindergarten through second grade. At our Christian elementary school, we help students develop their reading and writing skills through group storytelling, reciting children’s rhymes, and other creative activities that engage the right side of the brain. Rhymes and songs offer simple, yet effective ways of building memorization and linguistic skills, which serve students well when it comes time to practice reading and writing numbers, letters, and even full sentences.

Early Childhood Education Programs

At The Apple Tree School, we offer specialized grade programs for children ages five through 12, as well as infant daycare and childcare programs. As an early childhood education center, our teachers and staff understand that the safety of your children is of the utmost importance, which is why we employ a number of safety features on our private school grounds. These include keypad access and live streaming video cameras, which parents have access to via a virtual “Watch Me Grow” account, so they can monitor classroom activity from home or work. Click here to learn more about the safety features at our Christian school, and continue reading for more information about our private school programs.

Infant Daycare Programs

Our daycare programs for infants and babies are focused first and foremost on your child’s safety. We monitor babies carefully to ensure that they can grow and explore their surroundings in a safe, secure environment, while we meet all of their feeding, burping, and diaper changing needs. During daycare sessions, your child will work on developing their gross motor skills, like crawling, rolling, shaking a rattle, and grasping for toys. They will also develop cognitive skills, such as recognizing people, toys, and food, as well as responding to their name and making noises or forming words. Our goal is to supervise babies in a way that engages them in mentally stimulating activities that encourage growth, both physically and cognitively.

Preschool Programs

The Apple Tree School has been recognized as having one of the best preschool programs in Houston, due to our detailed curriculum for toddlers, two-year-olds, three-year-olds, and four-year-olds. Our toddler preschool classes engage children in number learning, color matching, songs, and children’s rhymes to enhance literacy, and our two-year-old preschool classes build upon this foundation. These students will learn more numbers (1-25), start mastering their shapes and colors, and be introduced to geography and U.S. presidents.

Our preschool programs for three and four-year-olds focus on helping kids learn letter names and sounds of the alphabet, as well as writing their names, counting to 50 or 100, and learning basic geography and important historical figures. In our preschool classes for four-year-olds, in particular, students will refine these skills and work on pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and entire words. They will also sing songs, learn Bible verses, and and delve deeper into history and geography while exploring the world around them.

Kindergarten Programs

At our private Christian school, students really begin to grow and thrive in our kindergarten classes, as they learn to speak more clearly, read words, and expand their vocabulary. Our kindergarten students excel in literacy and take home readers to help them practice spelling out words and understanding their meaning at home. Readers also help students become familiar with mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction, as well as recognizing numbers, telling time, and counting money.

But what really makes our kindergarten programs different from those at other early childhood learning centers is that we also include geography lessons, which help students wrap their heads around the ideas of population, climate, economy, and traditions and culture. This allows them to think outside the box and begin to understand the world around them, which proves helpful in other areas like comparing and contrasting, problem solving, collecting information, and conducting experiments.

First-Grade Programs

If you have a first grader, you probably already know that this is the stage in your child’s development where they really start to take off! Your child should be feeling more comfortable with reading and writing, and their speech will drastically improve in terms of clarity and completeness of thoughts. In our first-grade programs, students will expand their reading vocabulary and start writing complete sentences, while practicing spelling and pronunciation of longer words. They will also advance in adding and subtracting skills, using blocks and other hands-on materials. Not only that, but our kindergarteners will also learn more about world geography, history, and real-life problem solving, as they create their own projects and work as a team.

Second-Grade Programs

At The Apple Tree School, our second-grade programs are unparalleled, with an engaging curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, and comprehension, as well as mathematical processes. In our second-grade programs, we teach children how to correctly spell and sound out long or complicated words, write short stories and poems, answer the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why, and how), and use proper grammar. With this, they will develop an understanding of how to read and interpret literature, which enhances their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

In our math classes for second-graders, our teachers engage students in mathematical problem-solving activities, such as counting in 10’s, 100’s, and 1,000’s, rounding to whole numbers, and ordering numbers in lists. They will also be introduced to units of measurement, multiplication, and division through mentally challenging problems and group activities, which get them ready for what lies ahead in the rest of their primary education — and beyond.

Extended Day Enrichment

In addition to the early childhood education programs previously mentioned, we are also pleased to offer extended day enrichment for children who need a safe and nurturing environment from 1:00 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This after-school program is intended for children of parents that work and prefer our private school programs over any other kind of daycare. During this program, our teachers will engage kids in fun learning activities that help them develop cognitive skills and motor movements, whether that be arts and crafts, reading, or playing in groups. We know how difficult it can be for children to be separated from their parents for this long, so we recognize that and do our best to provide an emotionally nurturing environment where they can thrive and have fun.

Summer Learning Programs

If you are looking for a children’s summer program to sign your little one up for, we also offer a summer learning program here at The Apple Tree School. We believe that the summer is a time for kids to have fun, explore, and use their imaginations outside the classroom, which is why we choose a new theme for each year. From plants and animals to recycling, gardening, and more, each of our themes consist of lots of time spent outdoors — and under constant teacher supervision. In our summer learning program, your child will get to work with their hands, go on class field trips, and indulge in plenty of arts, crafts, music, games, and even go swimming!

Enroll Your Child At The Apple Tree School In Houston

As a renowned early childhood education center, we take pride in the thoroughness of our childhood learning programs and focus all of our energy on setting students up for success from infancy through second grade. Our teachers strongly believe that the key to student success is preparing them early-on with the tools and experience they need to conquer all the challenges they face in academics, their social circle, and ultimately, the adult world.

Because of this, you’ll find that all of our children’s learning programs are specialized and focused on both social and individual development, rather than being held in large classroom settings with TVs and textbooks. Whether you are looking for a daycare center, a summer or after-school program, or a fun place for your child to begin their education, we welcome you at The Apple Tree School. Contact us today with any questions you may have about our private school in Houston, or enroll online today!