1. The Value Of A Strong Christian Community

    We are lucky to live in a place where a major part of the community is deeply rooted in Christ fellowship. People of all walks of life move to Houston and bring their faith with them, each contributing to the community of Christ in a unique and special way. At The Apple Tree School, we believe that …Read More

  2. What It Means To Be A Christian Early Childhood Education Center

    The Apple Tree School is known as the best Christian early childhood education center in Houston, TX, and it is our values, classroom activities, and an unwavering dedication to your children that sets us apart from other preschools and elementary schools in the area. Each and every one of our exper…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Being A Good Role Model For Your Kids

    As parents, we often catch ourselves doing or saying things that we wouldn’t want repeated by our kids. It’s okay — we’ve all been there, and we’d be kidding ourselves if we said we’ve never made mistakes. Even though we are human and slip up sometimes, it’s still very important to wat…Read More

  4. Tips To Better Child Behavior: Part Two

      We know how hard behavioral issues in your children can be to deal with. Although we have a had a number of cases where we’ve helped turn around a trouble-making child, the real key comes from good parents. In part two of our Tips to Better Child Behavior blog series, we at Apple Tree Schoo…Read More

  5. Tips To Better Child Behavior: Part One

      Here at Apple Tree School, we are a proud Christian school that excels in early childhood education. We oftentimes get comments on how we’ve helped turn students around with behavioral issues and helped them become better students. We would love to take all the credit, but in truth, a huge …Read More

  6. Why Individualized Attention Matters In Early Childhood Education

    Individualized attention has been an on again off again hallmark of western and post-enlightenment education. Here at The Apple Tree School, a Christian school and early education center in Houston, we are huge supporters of smaller classrooms, healthy school lunches, and individualized attention in…Read More

  7. Benefits to Small Class Sizes

    Many parents often times struggle with the decision to send their students to smaller or larger schools. Both can have a number of benefits. Here at The Apple Tree School in Houston, we believe that smaller class sizes are the winner in the argument. This is especially true for the younger years tha…Read More

  8. What Christian Values Mean in Early Childhood Education

      For us at The Apple Tree School, being a Christian school is as important to us as the healthy school lunches we serve, or the quality reasoning based early childhood education we aim to provide. Although we are a Christian school, we are welcome to anyone, and we believe that Jesus’ messag…Read More

  9. Better Food, Better Attitude, Better Grades

      Where a child goes to school is important, but what a child eats can be just as important or more so. Here at The Apple Tree School, we strive for the most effective and quality early childhood education to get your young one meeting their potential as quickly as possible. We not only mix ele…Read More

  10. The Apple Tree Welcome Blog

      We are very excited to welcome you to the Apple Tree School blog! We take pride in our little Christian private school. Over the past several years we’ve helped children from infants through 12-year-olds get a head start in life. We are one of the most effective private elementary schools i…Read More