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When looking for the best educational experience for your young children, there are many benefits to choosing a private school. Private schools such as The Apple Tree School in Houston provide a unique learning experience that is tailored to meet the needs of each student. Read on to learn more about our private school values and schedule a tour today!

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Finding the right educational program for your child can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what is best for your child’s individual needs. Whether you are looking for a STEAM program, an early educational program, or an all-encompassing learning program, The Apple Tree School in Houston has you covered!

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If you are a parent who works and is in need of regular child care, it’s essential to understand the difference between daycare and preschool. While in both circumstances, your child will spend their day with their peers being overlooked at a facility designed for children, there are several key differences. The main difference is that preschool is educational and can help prepare your child for school, whereas daycare focuses mainly on providing only childcare.

Read on to learn more about the differences between preschool and daycare and why you should send your child to preschool. When you’re ready to give your child an educational advantage, enroll them in The Apple Tree School preschool in Houston.

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Early childhood education is an opportunity for parents to give their child a head start in life. From building cognitive skills to developing and enhancing motor skills, attending preschool has a wide variety of benefits for children.

Today, we’ll be discussing four benefits of preschool. Read on to learn more, and if you are searching for a quality, educational preschool in Houston, enroll your child in The Apple Tree School today.

What Is Preschool_.jpg

If you are the parent of a young child, you may be wondering exactly what preschool is, as well as whether or not it’s right for your child. In today’s blog post from The Apple Tree School we are going to discuss the main points of preschool as well as how every child can benefit. Read on to learn more, and when you are ready to enroll your child in a quality, educational preschool in Houston, reach out to The Apple Tree School.

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As a parent, you want to do everything within your power to provide your child with every advantage that you can, especially when it comes to their education. Sending your child to an educational preschool like The Apple Tree School can help your little one develop skills that will become a foundation for a better education.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some ways that preschool prepares your child for academic success. Read on to learn more, and when you are ready to give your child a head start in their academic career, enroll them in preschool at The Apple Tree School in Houston.


We are lucky to live in a place where a major part of the community is deeply rooted in Christ fellowship. People of all walks of life move to Houston and bring their faith with them, each contributing to the community of Christ in a unique and special way. At The Apple Tree School, we believe that children have an incredible impact on the local Christian community, and it is private Christian schools like us that can help them flourish and grow in God’s image.

Each of our experienced Christian school teachers have found their way through our doors as a way of combining two things they are incredibly passionate about: the Lord and early childhood education. Through their Christian teachings that combine traditional core curricula with Bible verses, artistic expression, and other fun educational activities that engage developmental milestones, our teachers and their students have found great academic success. We owe it all to the local Christian community we are blessed to be a part of.


One amazing thing about the Houston community and...


The Apple Tree School is known as the best Christian early childhood education center in Houston, TX, and it is our values, classroom activities, and an unwavering dedication to your children that sets us apart from other preschools and elementary schools in the area. Each and every one of our experienced staff members is deeply rooted in their faith, and Jesus’ love inspires them in everything they do for their students. From providing individualized attention and building each child up to engaging them in fun, developmentally interactive class activities, here is what it means to be a Christian early childhood education center!

Individualized Attention

Our private school for infants, toddlers, and young children is based on a foundation of self-discovery and learning through the Lord and all of his creations. With this kind of learning style, it is extremely important for us to be able to form trusting relationships with each of our students so that we can best serve them on their journey as they grow in God’s image. For us, this means maintaining...


As parents, we often catch ourselves doing or saying things that we wouldn’t want repeated by our kids. It’s okay — we’ve all been there, and we’d be kidding ourselves if we said we’ve never made mistakes. Even though we are human and slip up sometimes, it’s still very important to watch what we say and do in front of our kids. The reality is that they are incredibly impressionable during early childhood, and they look up to us as an example of how to behave at home, in friend groups, at school, and in other learning spaces.

At The Apple Tree Private School in Houston, our early childhood education teachers believe that a parent’s behavior has a major influence on their child’s development, whether for good or bad. We see it in our own classrooms, as kids engage with one another and display certain behaviors with regard to sharing, cleaning up, language, manners, motor skills, and other important social and developmental milestones on a daily basis.

It is our job to facilitate classroom engagement and learning when parents are not present, making it vital that kids...


We know how hard behavioral issues in your children can be to deal with. Although we have a had a number of cases where we’ve helped turn around a trouble-making child, the real key comes from good parents. In part two of our Tips to Better Child Behavior blog series, we at Apple Tree School in Houston offer another set of tips to help you turn your child’s behavior around.


Like a routine sleep schedule, exercise is one of the ways that you can simply increase your child’s health and help them naturally begin to behave better. Exercise is key to having the energy level and focus your child needs to feel good about themselves. Paired with our first tip, exercise can be especially effective, a great way to have positive one-on-one time with your child, and provide them with an excellent role model.

You Are The Example

Children feed off of your energy and follow your example. Look at your own behavior and see if there is anything hypocritical about it. When you are reactive, they are reactive. Further, simply being...


Here at Apple Tree School, we are a proud Christian school that excels in early childhood education. We oftentimes get comments on how we’ve helped turn students around with behavioral issues and helped them become better students. We would love to take all the credit, but in truth, a huge amount of the success comes from the home and not the classroom. In today’s blog, we want to offer a few tips to help out parents struggling with their children’s behavioral issues.

Daily One-On-One Time

One of the leading causes of bad behavior is the need for attention. This doesn’t mean that your child is self-centered because the need is normal. Children need to feel like they belong and like they are getting attention from their parents. More so, they need to have positive contact (like a walk, video games, or even just talking) and an emotional connection that is simply a part of human biology (and a very good part at that). When the child acts out for the attention, it’s the attention in the form of discipline that they are seeking, which is why other efforts...


Individualized attention has been an on again off again hallmark of western and post-enlightenment education. Here at The Apple Tree School, a Christian school and early education center in Houston, we are huge supporters of smaller classrooms, healthy school lunches, and individualized attention in classroom settings. As public schooling continues to lose funding and shift towards for-profit models, we continue to see larger and larger class sizes, individualized attention slips away. This focus on capacity is damaging to our children and the next generation of Americans.

Helping Recognize Strengths and Weaknesses

Every child is unique. Even from sibling to sibling, strengths and weaknesses vary considerably. When children are put into the same overriding category, children fail to reach their potential in a number of ways. Strengths are only allowed to improve at the rate that everyone else is improving at and weaknesses are glazed over and often ignored or barely considered. As strengths are left unchallenged and unaddressed, a student can become...


Many parents often times struggle with the decision to send their students to smaller or larger schools. Both can have a number of benefits. Here at The Apple Tree School in Houston, we believe that smaller class sizes are the winner in the argument. This is especially true for the younger years that are very formative. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the big advantages and bonuses of smaller class sizes.

If you are looking for a wonderful Christian school and center of early childhood education in the Houston area, call us at (281) 606-0698 or contact us online to learn more!

Students Get Individualized Attention

When your student is lost in the weeds of a large classroom, it’s easy for them to fall behind and miss out on the attention that they need to really succeed or to get back in the race. As they fall behind, it’s common for students to lose their interest in the subject matter or have negative self perceptions reinforced. These perceptions can easily develop into later self-esteem issues, and have long-lasting and, at times,...


For us at The Apple Tree School, being a Christian school is as important to us as the healthy school lunches we serve, or the quality reasoning based early childhood education we aim to provide. Although we are a Christian school, we are welcome to anyone, and we believe that Jesus’ message is universal. In the modern world, we are in dire need of the virtues of Christ. We pride ourselves in passing these virtues on to our students. Here is what Christian values mean in early childhood education.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule spoken by Christ at the Sermon of the Mount dictates the most foundational rule of morality. Do unto others as you would have done onto you. Armed with this, the ideals and maxims for right and wrong begin to be established, both in better introspection into what kindness means to a person, and in projecting that kindness and that basic human value unto anyone and everyone.

Diligence in The Face of Adversity

Just as the Book of James teaches in chapter 1, verse 12, perseverance in the pursuit of...


Where a child goes to school is important, but what a child eats can be just as important or more so. Here at The Apple Tree School, we strive for the most effective and quality early childhood education to get your young one meeting their potential as quickly as possible. We not only mix elements of a classical education—like analytical and reasoning abilities—with Christian values, but we make sure that our students eat high-quality nutritious foods while in our care. Much of our provided food is organic and grown right here at the school, with the help of our students. Regardless of if your child is attending our Christian school in Houston, or another school elsewhere, we cannot stress the benefits of high quality food for your children as they venture into academics.

What is Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating doesn’t just mean eating organic. There are entire sections of organic cookies at some super markets. It is far more important to make sure that your child is eating a balanced variety of whole and nutritious foods. This is a topic of ongoing...


We are very excited to welcome you to the Apple Tree School blog! We take pride in our little Christian private school. Over the past several years we’ve helped children from infants through 12-year-olds get a head start in life. We are one of the most effective private elementary schools in Houston, and with that comes with a wealth of knowledge regarding the world of private schools, Christianity in learning, healthy diets for children, and early childhood education. That is why we are starting our own blog series to help spread the good that comes from a solid education.

Private Elementary Schools

It’s important to realize the incredible potential of children with the right start on life. In our blog series, we will cover the advantages of smaller class sizes, what a child needs to know, tips for encouraging good grades, and more.

Healthy School Lunches

We are firm believers in healthy school lunches and will argue the point indefinitely. We will discuss the catalogued and researched developmental advantages of organic...